Bullet Train: New Deadline has been updated, Information you need to know about it…

bullet train

I know you all are very much excited about India’s first Bullet train. Aren’t you! Of course, we all have been hearing about the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train for quite some time now. But how much actually do we know about it? None – whatsoever. In this post, we will be giving some quick highlights that you should know.

Interesting Information about Bullet train:

The new deadline for the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train will be 15 August 2022, to co-inside with 75 years of India’s independence.

National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) starts to acquire lands for the route and stations. The bullet train hub station will be elevated and situated between the old and new Sabarmati Station.

For the fastest Bullet train, total journey time will be 2.07 hours between Ahmedabad to Mumbai, and for The train stopping at all 12 en route stations will take 2.58 hours.

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet train route map

Total passenger capacity is 1250 person per train but initially, it will be 750 people per train.

The Bullet train route consists of the longest 21 Kilometer tunnel between Boisar and Bandra Kurla Complex, of which 7-kilometer will be below the creek.

Bullet train India latest Updates

92% of the corridor will be elevated and 6% via the tunnel, others on the ground to balance.

Full length of the route from Sabarmati station to Bandra Kurla Complex is 508 kilometre.

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During the peak hour, from 7 AM to 10 AM and 5 PM to 9 PM there will be three trains every hour or a train every 20 minutes.

Bullet Train Top Speed:

The bullet train will have a design speed of 350 Kmph and the top operating speed of 332 Kmph.

Sabarmati Bullet Train hub:

Sabarmati Satation bullet train

The Sabarmati station on the bullet train network will have Gandhiji’s Dandi March themed station. Interestingly, an aerial view of the Sabarmati hub will give the impression of seeing a charkha.

Sabarmati station will be the first of its kind station in India. The multi-modal Sabarmati hub will provide commuters with the option of conveniently interchanging between different modes of transport, high-speed rail, BRT, metro and the Indian Railways network.


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