AMC Health department seal 21 restaurants in Ahmedabad

AMC seal restaurant ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation seal Restaurant & Bakeries in city

AMC health department had raided the units selling or manufacturing various food products like restaurants, hotels, bakery and other food products sellers in the city, which found dirt in most of the kitchens of that restaurants or shops.

The AMC health department continued to check restaurants on Thursday to ensure the safety of Amdavadis.

Shocking result founded in surprise checking done by the health department realised that restaurant owners don’t follow the health-related rules, don’t care about hygiene.

AMC Health Department take samples for Assessment

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation seal Restaurant

Most of the restaurant was keeps food item in unhygienic and dirty position in the kitchen, flies and other insects found around food items so, Health Department AMC Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation sealed total 21 restaurants in the city and take samples for further assessment.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation seal Restaurant

AMC also take a video at jay Bhavani shahi Dal-bati’s kitchen, in which corporation find uneatable paneer and flies sitting on it. This place sealed by AMC health department.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation health department

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation seal Restaurant

Total 21 restaurant and bakeries sealed due to selling unhealthy and unhygienic food products in the city, the statement given by Dr Bhavin Solanki AMC health department in charge.

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List of the places sealed by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation seal Restaurant

Big names in food and restaurant categories like William John’s Pizza, Saurashtra Chawana & sweets mart, Arpit restaurant, Capetown and prasad dining and more were also checked health department and stick heavy penalty to the owners.

After Traffic Drive, Demolition Drive, Swatchhta Drive this may be the “Health Drive” for the city by Corporation. 

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