Useful Apps by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Thanks to the device you are currently reading this on, the world is just a click away. Even civic services AMC Apps can now be accessed with your smartphone. citizen can pay property tax, get help from Ahmedabad municipal corporation in any Emergency or file any complaint to AMC with using mobile apps nowadays. We are indebted to Digital India for making our daily lives easier.

Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India that aims at making government services available to citizens digitally. It has gone a long way towards making our cities and villages smarter. This program taken by the government is making efforts to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks, deliver government services digitally, and make the country digitally empowered. Bharat Broadband Network Limited is executing the Bharat Net project to connect all the 625,000 villages of India by December 2018. So even if you live in the remotest village, there is no fear of falling behind.

Check out these useful mobile apps introduced by the government!

108 Emergency

The 108 Emergency Service Gujarat is an important initiative by the state government to provide comprehensive emergency medical services. Upon installing the app, follow the registration process and make sure your device is GPS and GPRS-enabled. During the emergency, click the 108 button to connect to the helpline and automatically send the Response Center your location! An ambulance equipped with pre-hospital care will take you to the nearest government hospital in record time.

pay property tax

Ahmedabad AMC

This is the official mobile app of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation created to allow easy Tax Payment and provide related information.  After installing it, you have to make a quick registration using your mobile number to access facilities like online pay property tax. You can also check your dues out in Property and Professional Taxes, find the addresses of civic centers like Gumasta registration center, Vehicle Tax Payment centre, etc. Released in 2015, the app is regularly updated and well-maintained. Your queries and suggestions will be met with a prompt response.      

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

AMC Seva (Ahmedabad 311)

Ever had problems trying to interact with your elected representatives? This app is here to change that. It aims to facilitate direct communication between Ahmedabad citizens and their community leaders. You can easily report issues like water shortage, street light malfunction, pothole and garbage on roads, etc. For emergencies like fire, ambulance, and women’s safety, there is a 24 X 7 helpline. The ‘Find What’s Near Me’ feature sends you GPS locations to nearby public toilets, Bus Terminals, Medical Services, etc. Since 2017, this apps is steadily gaining popularity due to its highly useful features that complaint to AMC.  

complaint to AMC

Ahmedabad Traffic Police

This app is designed to help police officers manage increasing traffic pressure in the city. They can capture traffic violators by clicking pictures of the vehicle and its number plate. The app will generate automated challans that can be sent to the offender.  It will be accessible to the common people soon, enabling them to report violations and pay fines online.

AMC Apps

Go ahead citizens, install these AMC apps and be a part of Digital India today!

Useful AMC Apps by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation To pay property tax ,complaint to AMC

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