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lucky tea ahmedabad

You will get the chance to dine with dead only at the lucky tea Ahmedabad. This tea stall also referred as “cafe with Kabars” and “Dine with Dead”. One of the oldest tea stall in Ahmedabad and world’s only tea stall built around the cemetery. Lucky tea is located at famous Lal Darwaza area of the Old Ahmedabad city. The popularity of Lucky tea is as well known as the heritage of Ahmedabad. You will surely get the recommendation to visit this place if you are a tea enthusiast.

History: Lucky Tea Ahmedabad

lucky tea ahmedabad

The roots of this place connected with the Indian independence. After India got independence, the government joined unoccupied plots to the city for development. An ancient graveyard was bought by K.H.Mohammad and Krishnan Kutty Nair. They establish a tea stall named as Lucky tea outside the graveyard serving only tea and Maska bun (Bun Makkhan).

lucky tea ahmedabad graves

Over the time this place got more popular among locals. Instead of moving the graves the owner decides to built tea stall around the 26 graves.

lucky tea ahmedabad kabar

Apart from this, What So Special About this Tea stall?

Masala tea and Maska bun get all credits to become this place more popular in the city. The masala tea served here is nice and creamy with the sprinkle of cocoa powder on top. Sitting next to the grave and sipping on your masala tea definitely gives you a unique experience.

lucky tea ahmedabad best tea

With awesome masala tea, you definitely need to try here’s Maska bun. Fresh spongy sweet bun with pure “Maska” spread between the bun, you will surely fall in love with it. Very few places in the city serve bun with pure white sweet butter called “Maska”( other: Irani restaurant ).

You may like to experiment with Maska bun using different jams like mix fruit jam, pineapple jam or a regular one, the choice is up to you.

Now, size of menu increases according to customer’s expectation here at the Lucky restaurant. Varieties of fresh juices, different flavoured lassi and ice-creams and many other beverages now being offered, they also have different sandwiches and other snack options as well.

Why is this tea stall considered as a unique in Ahmedabad?

Along with the cup of tea and Maska bun, you will get to see a spectacular original painting by well known Indian painter M.F. Husain.

lucky tea ahmedabad painter m F Husain

He made a painting while having tea and Maska bun at the Lucky tea which still holds its place on the wall of the world’s first graveyard cafe. This place is also popular among some celebrities.

lucky tea ahmedabad painter m F Husain

What should be your excuse for visiting this tea place?

The Lal Darwaja area of the old city where the Lucky tea stall located, also famous for Street shopping. Jaw dropping varieties for anything that you desire. Clothes, food items, species, jewellery, electronics, accessories and more things that you just name it.

lucky tea ahmedabad painter m F Husain

This area is considered the most attracting tourist spot in the city.

So, there are many excuses like shopping, sightseeing to visit here at Lal Darwaja. But first, you must have to take a tea break at the lucky tea stall.

My advice to visit this place (Lucky tea stall)

Choose to travel in government vehicles like AMTS, BRTS or take Rickshaw or other taxi services to visit this place. Because this place is mostly crowded and less availability to park your vehicle.

Also, this area is always well protected by the police force. So it may be the chance to get instant challan or E-challan by the police if you break rules.

So that’s all my things and twist on lucky tea & restaurant, Hope you guys will experience the same.

“Have a cup of Great Heritage Lucky tea Ahmedabad”

Address: “Lucky tea & restaurant” Opposite City College, Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001

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