Top 8 Evergreen and Best ice cream in Ahmedabad Which is a MUST TRY in city…

best ice cream in ahmedabad

Amazing ice cream in Ahmedabad, Let the taste of Ice cream linger on with these amazing options.

Hello Amdavadis. WOW! I am sure you felt pride when you heard of yourself being called as an Amdavadi. Just look at how vast Ahmedabad is in all its senses. May it be the heritage, culture, the food or the people. This city has all sorts of magic compiled up.

Even the thought of thinking about walking along the streets of the old city, crossing Ellis bridge, shopping at Ahmedabad one or law garden and enjoying all variety of food from Manek chowk to the best cafes at Sindhu Bhavan surely makes our day.

Similar to this undeniable love for the city, what is the other thing that we all share a common love for? Definitely can’t think of anything else but ‘ICE CREAM’!!!. Who doesn’t love it? Surely, it is one thing that you will always want more. There’s ice cream for everyone. Whether you love sticking to the traditional flavours or are a fond explorer who indulges in different varieties, Indulging in ice cream is surely a treat to your taste buds and your heart.

Ahmedabad city surely has got many evergreen and popular ice cream shops that will always offer you drool-worthy ice creams.

Let’s have a look at those Best ice cream in Ahmedabad

Prem Mevad:

pream mevad icecream ahmedabad

With many branches in the city and the most popular one being on relief road, Prem Mevad ice cream offers you deliciousness with its special kulfis and unforgettable ice creams. Along with that, they also offer taste options in fast food such as variants of Maggi and Frankies.

Check out the location and most amazing pictures of their dishes here:

Rajasthan Ice cream shop:

rajasthan icecream ahmedabad

This ice cream parlour has seven outlets across different areas of Ahmedabad. The shop serves various traditional and seasonal flavours of ice cream. This place has a very interesting history.
A readout on the amazing story at

And rush there

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The Best ice cream in Ahmedabad Asharfi Kulfi:

best ice cream asharfi kulfi ahmedabad

Now, who hasn’t heard of this! Everything here tastes like it is served fresh and delighting. They offer many varieties in traditional kulfis, Roll kulfis and scoop ice creams. Make sure to not miss out on BPK kulfi.
Know their tale before you visit:

Head out to any of these amazing branches

Trupti Ice cream shop:

trupti icecream gandhinagar

Just look at the photos of ice creams that they serve and we bet you will not be able to resist those. They shower the ice creams with amazing deliciousness and tasty dry fruits that you cannot resist.

Visit them now:

Patel Ice cream:

patel ice cream ahmedabad

This shop has four outlets across Ahmedabad. They serve ice creams with amazing taste that will always linger on and you will want to keep revisiting them to enjoy the amazing taste.

Find out the location here:

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Apsara Ice cream:

apsara ice cream ahmedabad

Bringing Mumbai’s favourite flavours straight to our city, Apsara Ice cream is delighting us with a variety of ranges in fruit, nut and sorbet flavours.
Check them out and read their making process to indulge yourself better in the treats

Location details:

Dairy Den:

dairy den icecream ahmedabad

One of the most known joints that is famous for serving the softest ice creams available. Their specialities are the double flavoured cones which let you enjoy your two favourite flavours at once.
Know more about it here:

Head to

Naturals Ice cream:

Natural ice cream ahmedabad

It is definitely one of the most crowded places in summer. We all love to try out the best of seasonal flavours and what better place then Naturals to enjoy that.
Know the natural origin here

Head to

Now, We know that your mouths are already watering. But, hold on… That’s not all

Another new delicacy to try out is Turkish ice cream. It is fun, food, flavour and a game combined. With amazing taste, you will get amazing photos and videos to be shared on your social media.

Turkream Turkish ice cream Ahmedabad

turkish ice cream ahmedabad

Head now:

Which ice cream flavours are on your lists already? 

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