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navratri fasting food

Places For Navratri fasting food Feasts In Ahmedabad

The season of festivities is here. We all just happily celebrated Janmashtami and Navratri and now as the fasting season approaches, all of us have some or other fasts going on to celebrate our devotions.

Gone are the days when the one’s fasting tried to stay away from mouth-watering food and longed for delicacies. We now have too many options available which you can eat while fasting and are equally delicious.

Here is a list of few such options in Ahmedabad:

Iscon Gathiya (Farali Platter):

This place is obviously the best-known one in Ahmedabad for the Gathiya they serve. You pass by the place at any hour, and you will see a long line of people waiting to enjoy the delicious Gathiya. Along with that, the lace serves delicious options for fasting food like farali potato bhaji, fries and fried peanuts platter with Dahi.

iscon gathiya farali bhaji

Neelkamal Coffee Bar (Farali Pizza):

The place is located in Gurukul and is known for the delicious farali items they serve. They have got a wide range of options like farali pizza, farali bhel and verities of fries

 beverage: ice tea, lemonade, slush, crusher and juices. The place is surely worth a try.

Hot delicious Farali Khichdi at :

Farali khichdi is such a mouthwatering dish that we cannot just resist trying it at a single place. Therefore, we have a few options listed for you wherein you can go and savour farali khichdi at its’ best.

farali khichdi navratri fasting food

Shreeji Farali at Drive-in Road.

Farali Khichi by Swaminarayan Kaka

Along with Farali khichdi, they have also got Farali vala and chevdo mix to treat our taste buds.

Farali Buff Vada:

farali buff vada navratri fasting food

Just like Farali khichdi, here are a few places where you can find out Farali vada:

Shree Gokulesh Farali centre

Shree Shiv Shankar Farali centre 

Jay Bhole vada pav

What are you waiting for?

Rush to these amazing places and enjoy your Navratri fasting food or any Vrat days feast.

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