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“Our take on Cafe Nifoo Ahmedabad”

A question in the world that have very less possibility of “No” and you just hear the answer “Yes” is “Would you like to eat fries ?”, because as an amdavadi & foodie we have serious self-control issues specifically for fried food. While fries are served as a side of Sandwiches, Burgers or having it with gathiya, it definitely adds extra “chataka” to your food, it really does?

You guys are wondering why such sentimental words put at the beginning of this blog! yeh, because some places in the Ahmedabad that really achieve “the best” titles on that categories. On our way to food hunting in the city, “that we always say”, we reached Cafe Nifoo. And what we’ve got is fries alert.

The world really relies on Potatoes!

In America, people don’t want to lose any chance to debate for the title “World’s best french fries”. And we Indians, especially Gujjus never leave a chance to add potato in food. Potatoes are associated with our morning breakfast to dinner, no one is excluded from this trap. Whether it’s McDonald fries or fries at any local shop, it is always a fun to eat. 

So, here at cafe Nifoo, they really do some good experiment with regular potato fries and serve you some amazingly delicious fries with Internationational touch to it. More than 40 flavours of unusually good fries serve in an unusual canonical container, helps you to satisfy your fast food craving. Here at cafe nifoo they only serve freshly fried french fries, not frozen fries.

cafe nifoo container shape

First of all about the place Cafe Nifoo

Total two outlets available in the city, but we would recommend you to check out its Navrangpura outlet. The ambiance is pretty modern with wooden furniture and classy interior, this cosy little cafe really helps you to spend good time with your friends and family. Television and board games also here in case you get bored.

This place is on the main roadside of commerce six roads, keep your vehicle parked properly otherwise you would be in trouble.

Take a look at the menu

Apart from the flavoured fries, they also have delectable varieties of fast foods like burgers, corns, potato twisters, pizzas, nachos, pasta, tacos, waffles sandwich, sizzlers and fondues. Ice Cream sundaes, differents shakes and coolers to the drinks. The menu seems budget friendly and appealing as well to try different items.

Talk about speciality, Flavoured fries

Varieties of flavoured fries, you will be definitely confused what to order! So here we are to help you out with our reviews to put you at the safe side. Here you’ve got everything underneath of a cheese, saucy layer with different seasoning on top. There are some unique flavoured fries like Imli cheese, pudina cheese, achari (Must try), cheese chipotle (Must try), jalapeno mayo, tandoori masala and lot more. By trying differently flavoured fries here, it may be the case that you’ll get bored with regular salted fries. If you love to hit up some spicy level chilli cheese, barbeque fries, tandoori tadka fries, jalapeno mayo and tangy twist fries you should choose from.

Cafe nifoo, Signature fries

With using the different combination of sauces, cheese and masalas with fries, they have different 20 types of signature fries on the menu. Some Of the fries like Nutella delight fries, strawberry cream fries, chocolate almond fries and more other combinations makes this place unique from other. Cafe nifoo has done some really good job behind its signature fries that most probably you can’t find anywhere else in Ahmedabad.

Must try signature fries at cafeNifoo:

cheesy poppers fries, rainbow fries, Nifoo special fries and cheese volcano fries. If you like more spices on your food try spicy burst fries, Mexicano treat and cheese volcano fries here.

Be your own chef, make your own customizable fries option also available for some food scientist. You can choose your fries like plain salted fries, peri peri, mix herb and choose your favorite add-ons like olives, jalapeno, Maggi, cheese, paneer, dried garlic and other with varieties of dips like mayo, BBQ, sweet chili, thousand island, salsa, chipotle, cheese, schezwan, tandoori and more other. Whatever you do with your chips, chips will taste as good as the haven, No Bars.

Other must-try things fondue, pasta, waffles & potato twisters

Apart from the fries here, you can also have varieties of flavoured corns. Must eat cheese fondue and for the chocolate lover, chocolate fondue available here.

The best thing about this place is that all the goodies here are so fit in a budget like just 140* Rs for a fondue, seriously. You probably have not seen such place anywhere else in Ahmedabad. This may be your excuse for you to come again.

They also have Instagrammable waffles pops and slices perfect for a sweet end. All the pizzas are totally budget friendly. A big thumbs up for Nifoo’s special sub and cottage cheese pesto.

Customizable pasta option available here that you can choose your favourite pasta, sauces and toppings. They also have potato twisters in eighteen variant, different flavours like flavoured fries.

Varieties of coolers & shakes available here to wet your throat.

cafe nifoo beverages


This place is among the must visit place for fast food and fries craving in Ahmedabad. Good service and quality, energetic ambience make this place a budget-friendly (cost per two approx. 250 Rs) hangout place in the city (Zomato reviews 4.1/5). That you definitely want to visit again and again.


(1) Ground Floor, Swapneel 5, Near Danny Coffee Bar, Next to Real Paprika, Commerce College Six Road, Near KD Chambers, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Timing: 11 AM to 11 PM

(2) Food Junction, Opposite Rajpath Club Parking, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

Timing: 7 PM to 12 AM 

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