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Museums are the mirrors of the history that showcases all that is precious and valuable about the region or the city. The museum is a collection of tangible assets and stories from the past to connect with the current generation to see it with their own eyes. Museum Showcases the history, culture and tradition of where you live and connected with your roots. As you live in a beautiful and India’s only world heritage city Ahmedabad. You will be proud to know that the legacy of Ahmedabad is magnificent and The city has got a lot from the heritage. Famous Calico Museum ahmedabad of Textiles is one of the many famous gems that Ahmedabad received.

Textile Museum Ahmedabad

The most visited museum in Ahmedabad is the calico museum of textiles, the premier museum of textile in India.

calico museum ahmedabad amdavad blog

This museum contains one of the finest collections of antiques and modern Indian textiles, all handmade and up to 500 years old.

calico museum ahmedabad amdavad blog

Retreat Houses

The old houses have been conserved and used for museum display and that makes the museum unique.

calico museum ahmedabad amdavad blog

The whole ambience and finely carved woodwork all around just takes you back in time.

calico museum ahmedabad amdavad blog

Artifacts & Antiques 

The finest collection includes in the museum are the attires and fabrics like silk wearing, patolas, shawls, scarves and sarees. This art collected from different places of India and stored it.

Some of the arts are 500 years old but still preserve in very well condition.

calico museum ahmedabad amdavad blog

You will see Kashmiri shawls that took three years to make, and double-ikat clothes whose 1,00,000 threads were each individually dyed before weaving.

All the arts preserved with the care that not allowed to go close to them forget about touching them.

calico museum ahmedabad amdavad blog

You also get to see remarkable examples of tapestries, Royal garments, sarees, tribal costumes and bandhani tie-dye.

The galleries are open free of charges on all days of the week, except on Wednesday and public holidays. The guided tour starts at 10:30 AM and ends at 1:00 PM. You need to be on time because entry is only permitted between 10:15 AM to 10:30 AM.

calico museum ahmedabad amdavad blog

One must pre-book the tour as the only limited number of people are admitted at the gate on a day. And one of the most punctual museum you would ever see in India.

calico museum ahmedabad amdavad blog

You must leave all your belongings especially camera and mobile phones at the gate and must follow the guide and his instructions all the times.

calico museum ahmedabad amdavad blog

They do have a unique museum shop where you can buy some books and prints that are difficult to find in the market.

Location : The Retreat, Opp. Underbridge, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Calico Museum Ahmedabad

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