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Being residents of a city that has been declared as a World Heritage Site, is a matter of pride for us. Ahmedabad has a very rich and varied culture and history associated with it. A visit to the old city area can make you dwell upon the past and wonder about the innumerable rich cultural connotations that you will come across. The Pol houses Ahmedabad is one such example.

Pols are the neighborhoods of small housing clusters that comprise of families or particular groups. These groups are mostly divided on the basis of caste, profession or religion.

These close-knit communities that reside in the pols are also often engaged in some kinds of business activities.

Families have been moving out of these pols in order to reside in the urban areas but there are many people who still feel and value the associations and importance of the pols and reside in those.

Pols in the old city of Ahmedabad, usually have a common structural composition.

The streets (pol houses Ahmedabad)

pol gali ahmedabad

The pols usually have a huge courtyard which is known as a ‘chowk’ which connects the entire entity at a commonplace. The pillars, doors, and houses are the exemplary epitome of architectural marvels.

All of these are very intricately well carved with wooden facades and frescoes and colorful exteriors. You can witness the baroque style of architecture and feel the remains of the Mughal influence at these pols.

The Chowk 

heritage home chowk images

The famous poet ‘Kavi Dalpatram’ was a resident of lambeshwar ni pol and was an inclusive member of the community. 

The pols were built earlier in the 18th and 19th century and these served the purpose of shielding the inhabitants when the communal riots necessitated greater security and protection.

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Dhal ni pol is the second biggest housing cluster of Ahmedabad. The sentiment of ‘togetherness’ lays an extremely important role here in the culture of these pols.

The communities residing in the pols of Ahmedabad are in a major number working in the cottage industries here.

One must definitely visit the pols to experience a surge of rich heritage and cultural significance. 


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