Destinations For Pre Wedding Photoshoot Near Ahmedabad

Pre wedding photoshoot places near ahmedabad

Pre- Wedding Photoshoot  is an emerging trend in India, with more and more couples set aside a day prior to their big event to spend in front of the lens. I have experienced this wonderful concept just 2 months prior to my wedding. As I live in Ahmedabad city, I could explore beautiful places for the photoshoot which I never thought I would even visit for such an event of my life. I would like to share few pre-wedding photoshoot places in Ahemdabad.

Polo forest

District Sabarkatha, Abhapur, Gujarat

Polo Forest is surrounded by hills and a cool river ‘Harnav’ flowing through the jungle is located at 160kms driving distance from Ahmedabad. This location is enriched with pleasing natural beauty and a nature lover’s paradise.

It is best  Hills and waterfalls, a perfect location to shoot with its glory. Forests have a magic all their own – whether it’s the dappled light from under the canopy or leaves or the ruggedness of the ruins in this particular location. Picture Postcard memories guaranteed!

pre wedding photoshoot places near ahmedabad amdavadblog

Adalaj stepwell

Village Adalaj, Gandhinagar district, Gujarat

Adalaj stepwell or Vav, was built by Vaghela Dynasty and was once an oasis in the arid regions of Gujarat. The architecture and the intricate wood carvings that encircle the wall make it a stunning vista for pre-wedding shoot with a touch of historic charm.

pre wedding photoshoot places near ahmedabad amdavadblog

The distance from Ahmedabad is around 20 km and open at 6:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.

Sabarmati riverfront Ellis bridge

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Apart from connecting the eastern and the western parts of Ahmedabad, this century-old bridge is located on the west bank of the Sabarmati Riverfront and can be a great backdrop if you want a historical setting. After clicks at the bridge, you can come down to the Sabarmati riverfront for some romantic ambiance after sunset with its dim lights.

pre wedding photoshoot places near ahmedabad amdavadblog

Nal Sarovar lake

Near Sanand Village, West of Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Birds of a feather flock together and Nalsarovar Lake and Bird Sanctuary is a nature’s lover’s paradise. If you’re  couple who want to bring the serenity of the natural world into their shoot with a touch of the exotic, there are thousands of migratory birds here and the shoot will be magical.

pre wedding photoshoot places near ahmedabad amdavadblog

Thol Lake

Kalol, Gujarat

Pink Flamingoes, a golden sunset and the breeze rippling the waters of the shallow reservoir that is Thol Lake, it’s romantic, the beautiful vibe that will translate not only visually but also put you in a wonderful mood.

pre wedding photoshoot places near ahmedabad amdavadblog

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot gives a couple to spend a day together at a place where there is no one but just them together. The pre-wedding shoot is where they can be themselves completely away from the other guests, act like friends who are having fun, live every moment by enjoying each other’s presence and most importantly capture lovely moments to create great memories for life.

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