Domino’s pizza unofficially stopped selling Non-Veg pizza in Gujarat

Dominos pizza nonveg

One of the most prominent international pizza chain Dominos discontinues Nonveg pizza from its menu. Yup you heard that right. You won’t find any so-called international style non-veg pizzas in any dominos pizza outlets in Gujarat. Dominos pizza nonveg offerings.

Here in Gujarat most of the eaters are vegetarian and non-veg is in minority. Domino’s Pizza’s non-vegetarian offerings have been off the menu in Gujarat for the past few days and it seems that they will not return anytime soon.

dominos pizza nonveg menu

Domino’s popular nonveg pizzas

There were several non-veg pizzas on the Domino’s menu like Barbecue chicken, chicken tikka, peri-peri chicken, chicken pepperoni popular among the non-vegetarians. But now onward you will not see any non-veg pizzas again on the menu.

The factor behind Dominos Cutoff nonveg pizza

Domino’s Pizza has not yet unfolded the reason behind it. The online menu that was displayed for all these outlets only displayed Domino’s Pizza’s vegetarian offerings. Why did they do this? That’s permanently or not!

Or its an effect of the largest dance festival “Navratri” in Gujarat. We don’t know at this point! But obviously, this should one the reasons behind it. Domino’s may discontinue its non-veg items for the Navratri Festival!

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From several years dominos have been in Gujarat holding a large share in quick serving food chain market in Gujarat. Most of the Gujaratis are vegetarian and they do not like to go to a restaurant where non-veg food also avails with veg food.

This may be affected to attract more new vegetarian consumers in future. Also for several years, the concept of veganism and Vegetarianism have been booming around the world.

Dominos does not reveal any particular reason behind it yet, but for sure you’ll no longer get any non-veg pizzas in domains pizzas now.

Dominos pizza nonveg

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