Healthy Traditional Winter Special Mouth Watering Sweets “Gujarati Vasanu” !!!

healthy traditional Winter Special Sweets Gujarati vasanu

Winter has arrived…

When the mornings begin to get cooler and evenings become pleasant…

Its time to eat some delicious Gujarati Winter Sweets, traditionally called “Vasaanu” or “Vassana”.‘Vasaana,’ meaning ‘herbs and spices’ used in making these extremely traditional winter delights. Here is few Gujarati healthy traditional Winter Special Sweets 

Winter special Kachariyu

Kachariyu is the simplest of these delicacies; it is made using sesame seeds, shredded coconut and jaggery along with add-ons like dates, dried ginger powder, almonds etc.

In Gujarati ‘kacharvu’ means to grind and since we grind the sesame seeds in this recipe the name derived is Kachariyu.

Healthy traditional Winter Special Sweets Adadiyapak

Adadiyapak Made with Adad(Udad) Flour and filled with naturally healthy ingredients, it’s one sweet that is really good for you and your body! 

They are filled with the goodness of health and richness of taste, but when they come packaged in a “stainless-steel Dabba” all the way from India, marked with the stamp of being labelled as Mom’s homemade Adadiya, its extra-special, healthy and extremely delicious.

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Winter delicacy – Chikki

Chikki is a traditional Indian sweet prepared with any edible nuts or puffed rice or with mixed nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, peanuts and sugar/jaggery.

Chikkis are all-time children favourite. They are good for health as the ingredients are nuts and jaggery.


Edible gum is ground to a powder and fried in ghee and cooked in milk and flavoured with ginger powder, almonds, pistachios, poppy seeds and coconut. Gondh/Gundar/Edible gum is good for health and it provides numerous health benefits.

Gondh (Edible gum) pak consumed mostly during winter to protect from cold. It tastes delicious along with providing strengthens to joints.

Methi ke ladoo

Methi Ladoo is a traditional recipe which is more of an Ayurvedic medicine than a sweetmeat. Fenugreek or methi seeds are roasted in ghee and ground to a paste which is cooked in milk jaggary and wheat flour to make a dough spiced with pepper powder, nutmeg, cardamom, almonds, cashew, edible gum and ginger powder making it so delicious that one can’t resist. This is used as a cure for back or joint pains during winters.

In this freezing cold prepare Methi ke ladoo and give them to the elders at home or send them to other elders around you. This will please them and seeing them happy will make you happy as well.

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Healthy traditional Winter Special Sweets

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