On Road Helmet Safety Standards You Need to Start to Follow Ahmedabad

Helmet Safety Standards You Need to Start to Follow Ahmedabad

Be A Responsible Rider | Helmet Safety Standards You Need to Start to Follow Ahmedabad

These days, you will often come across traffic police at every signal and crossroads. We are all aware that this is a result of the new set of traffic rules and regulations being mandated in the state. Ahmedabad traffic police are fulfilling their responsibilities very dutifully and it is time that we citizens, get fully aware of helmet safety standards you need to start to follow Ahmedabad for our own safety and responsible.

The newly regulated traffic rules have made it mandatory for two-wheeler riders to use a helmet. Using a helmet while riding a two-wheeler is extremely necessary because of reasons like unsafe roads, increasing traffic and overly speeding vehicles. It becomes the utmost necessary to wear a helmet and reduce the risk of damage to your own self.

All of us have come across instructions for wearing our seat belts while we travel by four-wheelers. Similarly, it is important that a rider and the co-passenger of a two-wheeler necessarily use a helmet. Due to increased fines levied on disobeying the traffic rules, people are now aware and willing to follow the regulations. Hence, we see long queues at stores that sell helmets.

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People are in a hurry to buy helmets to be saved from paying fines and the stores have a shortage of helmets due to an increase in demand. This situation is leading to duplication of products and the sale of counterfeit helmets. But is this really safe?

Many of us are unaware of the fact but in reality, just wearing a helmet is not enough! It is also important what kind of helmet a two-wheeler rider is supposed to wear. Certain standards have been set for the usage of a helmet because not all kinds of helmets can protect one’s head from being damaged.

Various standard helmet types

There are categories like full-face, motocross, modular, open face, half helmet and novelty helmets that can be used while you are riding a motorcycle. Based on your requirements and fittings, you can choose the kind of helmet that suits you. Here are a few tips on choosing the right one.

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ISI helmet regulation

The ISI standards specify that the weight of helmets should not exceed 1.2 kg. Selling helmets that do not meet these standards is an offense punishable by law.

Trusted helmet brands

trusted isi helmet brands

Steelbird Helmet, HJC Helmet, Nolan Helmet, and Arai Helmet are some trustworthy brands that you can rely on.

These are available at an approximate range of Rs. 800- Rs. 1500.

Choose and wear the right helmet to ride guilt-free and protect your precious life.


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