Heritage Haveli Ahmedabad : Jethabhai ni Haveli

Heritage Jethabhai ni Haveli ahmedabad

Heritage Jethabhai ni Haveli Ahmedabad

Jethabhai Sheth’s mansion, also known as Haveli number 1765.


This mansion explains the meaning of Gujarati word “inheritance” in a true sense. “VARASO” means the gift or gift that we received from ancestors, which can not be valued, and this mansion makes it a grand year

Why Vaarso?

One might be able to tolerate the sight of crumbling walls but how many of us can tolerate the washing away of our culture and heritage? It’s ultimately the values and culture that a human inherits, for as we all know, the physical self is just a mirage.

.Heritage Jethabhai ni Haveli ahmedabad

As soon as the city goes deeper, the lost beauty is still visible as time goes on. And even in these Khadia areas of the city, there are many such mansions, “chabootaras” seen here.

Heritage Jethabhai ni Haveli ahmedabad

Jhelbhai Sheth’s mansion or haveli number 1765, is very famous in Khadi area. Looking at this mansion, it still seems that this mansion still away from the deviation of a touch of time.

Heritage Jethabhai ni Haveli ahmedabad

The decoration of the mansion is excellent for the architecture. Attractive “Hinchko (jhulas)” showcase the charm of the old time of the mansion and the arrangement and decorations of old utensils are attractive.

Heritage Jethabhai ni Haveli ahmedabad

The inner part of the mansion is open and arranges the old table below, which makes them feel like a Palace.

Heritage Jethabhai ni Haveli ahmedabad

Currently, Rahil Patel, the heir (inheritor) of this mansion lives in the mansion today. Rahil Patel himself is a painter and an art lover, he himself runs the “ VARASO ” organization. This organization is working to keep the care and attention of the city’s historic buildings. This organization is also working for public awareness and public partnership for the city’s heritage and architecture.

Heritage Jethabhai ni Haveli ahmedabad

The museum inside the mansion is spectacular.

Jethabhai ni Haveli – Vaarso Foundation, Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Address: Haveli number 1765, Dhobi ni pol, Khadiya Gate, Ahmedabad

Heritage Jethabhai ni Haveli ahmedabad

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