Make your morning healthy with these high protein breakfasts in Ahmedabad

max protein breakfast

Break free with these max protein healthy breakfast in Ahmedabad

It is very important for each one of us to maintain a healthy living routine. Whether you are a student or a working professional, starting your day in the right manner gives you a boost of energy. When you start your day sluggishly, you may end up being lazy the whole time. But do it in the right way and continue your day happily.

According to many pieces of research, breakfast is the most important meal for a person’s day.

Many of us have got busy schedules and cannot really take out the time needed to prepare breakfast on our own. Therefore, here is a list of breakfast items available in Ahmedabad that you can surely rely on.

Dal Pakwan (max protein Breakfast item) :

protein rich dal pakwan

It is a healthy protein-rich breakfast available in Ahmedabad. Made up of ingredients such as lentils. Daal pakwan is not only a healthy breakfast but it equally delicious when served hot and tangy. Several places in the city serve tasty dal pakwan like poha stall opposite ISRO, Satellite and near Nava Vadaj circle serves best Dal-Pakwan.

Items made with milk, cheese & curd for a healthy start:

protine rich masala milk

As we all are well aware that all these items are rich in protein and nutrient supplement, You can always find stalls serving hot delicious masala milk and several breakfast items like Poha being served with dahi and cheese.

Another Max protein breakfast Eggs, Omelette:

egg high protein breakfast

Even advised by doctors, this is the one food item that is the best source of protein. Boiled eggs and tasty omelettes are the go-to for people. And the joy of having egg as your morning breakfast is unmatchable.

Protein-packed Peanuts:

morning breakfast ahmedabad

You can find peanut contained items with breakfast items such as peanut chaat, masala peanuts and peanuts with cheese. You can find all of these options at carts near parimal garden and ISRO.

Easy protein Upma:

healthy breakfast upma ahmedabad

Combined with onion, tomatoes and garlic chutney, Upma turns out to be a tasty and protein-rich breakfast. You can find options for Upma at carts near Parimal Garden and ISRO.

Low carb Corn:

healthy corn breakfast ahmedabad

Find out various carts with options for masala corn and other delicious flavours of corn topped with butter, lemon and cheese.

Protein-rich Sprouts:

high protein breakfast sprouts ahmedabad

Definitely an option your gym instructor would make you follow max protein breakfast diet. You can find carts serving tastily topped Sprouts. 


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