Monsoon Days at Dang Forest | Hills, Adventure, Nature & Peace visit Dang Gujarat

dang gujarat in Monsoon
Shower Enjoyment At These Places With The Monsoon Showers

As the monsoon season takes on, the atmosphere gets extremely enjoyable and lively. In this time of the year, all the Amdavadis indulge in enjoying great food and great outings. We often go to places like Thol lake or Riverfront another option that might be preferred is Mount Abu or Saputara hills. There is yet another set of places which is left unexplored. All of which is a paradise for nature lovers. We are bringing a set of amazing gardens, waterfalls and hill stations where all you Ahmedabadis can rush to enjoy your monsoon. We are talking about the exquisite Dang Gujarat which is an “Unhunted” treasure for us to explore.

A trip to Dang can offer many ways for you to enjoy. Whether you are a traveller who loves road trips or someone who likes to capture the best memories with their cameras, Dang Gujarat is the perfect go-to place for you this monsoon.

Dang district is covered with dense forest and is a mountainous tract that has a lot of greenery and natural places to be explored.

Here is the list of places that you would love to explore Dang Gujarat:

Gira Waterfalls:

Gira waterfall dang gujarat

Popularly known as ‘Gira Dhodh’, this waterfall in Dang is located in Wanarchod village. It is a trail of 30m long waterfall that flows into the Ambica River. You can also get delicious snacks near the waterfall and enjoy them with a view you wouldn’t want to miss.

Don Hill Station:

don hill station ahwa dang gujarat

This landscape is located near Saputara. A festival called ‘Don Mahotsav’ is organised here in February every year. Paragliding and several other adventure sports are organised here to celebrate the Mahotsav. Don hill station has also been announced as Gujarat’s highest point.

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Wilson Hill:


This hill station is located near Dharampur and is the nearest to Valsad. The hill station is a densely covered forest region and is close to Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary. A total of six viewpoints are located on the hill station. A sea view is also accessible from the hilltop.

Taranga Jain Temple:

taranga jain temple taranga hills dang

This is the oldest Jain temple which was constructed in the year 1121. Taranga temple is the perfect place for all the devotees who would like to spend their monsoon day to head and worship the Lord.

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Shabri Dham:

shabari dham dang gujarat

Yes, it is the same Shabri that you heard about in the popular Ramayana tales. This temple is supposed to be the place where Lord Rama rested and was offered berries and this temple is surrounded by Purna wildlife sanctuary.

Waghai Botanical Garden:

waghai botanical garden saputara

These gardens are the perfect place for a nature lover. It is filled with all sorts of diverse plants and trees. Your eyes will keep wandering at the sight of the green beauty that spreads over this place. They also offer facilities like Library, Canteen, Playground Souvenir shop and various other. Read more about the place here:

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Chimer Waterfall:


If you want to visit a place that is extremely beautiful with all sorts of perfect breeze, atmosphere, greenery and the serenity of a waterfall, then Chimer waterfall is the perfect place for you to visit.

Vansda National Park:

vansda national park saputara

The trees here reach 120 ft. in the denseness of this park. Over 450 species of plants can be found at Vansda National park.  You can also witness varied species of butterflies and various other creatures. Bird watchers will also be able to rejoice to watch various species of birds.

Pampa Sarovar:


Located on the banks of river Poorna and near Shabri Dham. This Sarovar is a beautiful place for you to sit by and enjoy your monsoon days.

Take your calendars out and mark your dates for these amazing places. Do not forget to carry your raincoats and umbrellas so that you can enjoy your best time at these places without the fear of falling sick.

Gear up Ahmedabad and head for the fun at Dang Gujarat. 

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