Opening new outlet of Famous Karachi Bakery in Ahmedabad

Karachi Bakery in Ahmedabad

Hyderabad is known for two main things. One is Biryani and the other is, of course, it’s Karachi Bakery. Who doesn’t love those scrumptious soft melted biscuits in the mouth? I know, everybody loves. Started all the way back in 1953, Karachi Bakery has stores all across the globe. Now, Here It comes Karachi Bakery in Ahmedabad.

While quality is the utmost priority, Karachi Bakery has always lived up to customers’ expectations all these years. You can enjoy the delicious flavorful biscuits of Karachi Bakery now in Ahmedabad as well.

Newly open at Prahladnagar Garden this month, till now they only have varieties of biscuits, rusk and other assorted biscuits and Dates items. Celebrations and gift pack also available with different variants.

Variety of Karachi Bakery in Ahmedabad


→ Karachi Biscuits

→ Fruit Biscuits

→ Cashew Biscuits

→ Osmania Biscuits

→ Badam-Pista Biscuits

→ Choco Cashew Biscuits

→ Butter Biscuits


→ Apple Pie

→ Blueberry Pie

→ Caramel Chocolate

→ Devils Chocolate

→ Chocolate Roulade

→ Rainbow

→ New York Cheese


→ Red Velvet

→ Vanilla

→ Choco Delight

→ Hazelnut

→ Chocolate Peanut Butter

→ Raspberry & Oreo


→ Dark Truffle

→ Pista

→ Passion Fruit

→ Lemon

→ Raspberry

→ Rose

→ Hazelnut

→ Coffee

Other variety includes different types of bread, mithai, and a lot of snacks. Then why wait? Go and take a quick peek into the new Karachi Bakery.

Address: GF 8 Campus Corner II, opp Prahladnagar Garden, Ahmedabad


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