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Some of you might already be into an established business, others may still be looking for a suitable job, or some of you may be confused on how to get settled in life with a handsome income. Most of the time, people are unable to follow their passion into career. These are some of the courses heard and pursued 80% of youngsters. Bachelor in Communication & Journalism, Bachelor of Hotel Management, Company Secretary, Bachelor of Science are to name a few. Such mainstream courses show high prospects of a routine salaried job.

But if you are one with interests different from mainstreams, many offbeat courses can turn your passion into a profession. Just know what type of things you like, and here’s the list of what career profile can suit you better:

If you have a creative mind

Graphic Design, Animation Design or Video Editing are the three fields. You can choose to excel at anyone.

passion into career in ahmedabad amdavad blog


Most required peoples are blogger, writers, book reviewers, media handler and Advertiser now a days because of digital marketing.Due to digital marketing rule over conventional media the requirement of creative writer is in every field. photography, photo editing, video making and editing are also in demand because of people love to posing & always looking for some who can perfectly capture.

Interested in health, beauty, fitness

Spa Management or Beautician courses can help you open your venture at home or work at a prominent hotel in their exotic infrastructure.

passion into career in ahmedabad amdavad blog health fitness beauty

Spa management is still confined to big cities which leaves you an option to grow well in small towns. Public Health Entomology could also be a good option if you are focused on insects that impact human health.

Good at Leadership: Event Management

passion into career leadership event management

This role entails organizing a small birthday party to a significant corporate event. There is ample opportunity for growth in this field. Diploma, postgraduate diploma, and even MBA courses are available for this course.

If you are a shopaholic: Choose Fashion Designing

passion into career shopping in ahmedabad shipaholicholic

You might have a right eye on seeking the new and the trendy, then why not get a degree and enhance your skill according to industry requirements?

Love to eat Food Chemist, Tea Tasting

passion into career food chemist tea tasting

These are among the most unheard of courses, but they are good career options. The job of a food chemist is more closely related to chemistry & requires good taste buds. A tea sommelier not only tastes tea but also gives advice & does branding for five-star hotels.

Selfless social worker: NGO worker or Pet Groomer

passion into career in ahmedabad amdavad blog ngo worker pet groomer

The course of Bachelor of Rural Studies engages you in various rural & community development activities along with a decent income. The profession of pet grooming can opt for both part time or full time.

What interests you? Stop thinking, start doing. Your career is waiting at your doorstep, make your passion into career.

Coworking Spaces: Love what you do and where you do it

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