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Inspected and Restaurants Sealed by Ahmedabad AMC Due To Unhygienic Food | Amdavad Blog

In recent days, we have been coming across news of various illnesses spreading in the city. Major cases of illnesses like Dengue, Malaria and more are being reported. Weather, pollution and climate change is, of course, the first reason but unhygienic food also adds up to the cause. It ruins your immune systems and causes diseases. In Ahmedabad, bad food quality has been found at various restaurants sealed in Ahmedabad and those are being sealed and inspected.

Many reputed food joints and restaurant sealed by Ahmedabad AMC

A few days ago, a customer shared a photo wherein a cockroach was found from the sambhar at a popular South Indian Restaurant, ‘Sankalp’. Later, an insect was found in a Dominos Pizza at the outlet in Satadhar area. The customer shared a video of the same on social media and the matter came to public notice.

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The AMC officials immediately took this matter into account and went on to seal the outlet. They continued carrying further inspection and the search for such outlets in Ahmedabad.

Mosquito breeding found in a commercial complex at Motera, AMC sealed six food joints including honest and Mc Donald’s.

The officials came across a building in Motera, where there was heavy mosquito breeding. Five food outlets were found in this building and hence, sealed at a go. Honest Restaurant Dosa Plaza, McDonald, Deena Restaurant and banquet and delight restaurant are the joints that have been sealed.

AMC announced that notices were issued to these places in the past but no action was taken by them in order to maintain a well-groomed environment.

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The health officials raided more places they suspected and have issued notices and penalized Shambhu Coffee Bar, Faasos, Jay bhavani vada pav, Karnavati Dabeli, Dangee Dums, and Saurashtra gathiya. Out of 34 inspected outlets, notices were issued to 27 of those.

Notices were also issued to 12 places including Havmor Eatery and Honest in Paldi, Hocco in Navrangpura, Woody John’s, Kabhi B and Moti Bakery.

Fines have also been collected from six places where ongoing public smoking activities were found.

The Health Department of AMC has issued notices to various food outlets in the city and, are sure to seal the ones that fail to abide by.

Keep a watch on what you choose to order and eat. Be a safe consumer and pay heed to your health.

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