Top six Rooftop cafes in Ahmedabad You need to visit for a Extravagant Dining Experience

rooftop cafes ahmedabad

Rooftop Spots and Cafes – Your Go To Monsoon Spots

We do come across many cafes and restaurants in the city. Each of them is trying to offer some unique aspects that help us distinguish them from the other players in the market. There are new offerings in the menus, some changes in the services and often the ambience. Another very interesting offering now coming up are the new rooftop cafes Ahmedabad in open air restaurants category. These rooftop restaurants on amazing terrace cafe are perfect for rooftop dining in this Monsoon season.

How amazing would it feel to enjoy the feel of open air and fresh after rain winds at these rooftop cafes with amazing food.

Here’s a list of the best rooftop cafes Ahmedabad

The Riverfront Grill, Lemon Tree Premier:

Located near Nehru bridge, The Riverfront Grill is the rooftop cafe at lemon tree premier. One of the Stunning Skyline views in the city, The place has got a nice ambience with elegant lighting and fountains. The grilled food dishes here are an absolute try. 

the riverfront grill ahmedabad

@Nine. The fern

The Fern at S.G Highway, Sola offers the perfect rooftop spot ‘@ Nine’. The place has a posh ambience. The exquisite furniture and garden decor at Nine look amazing. You get a very wide range of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food to choose from.

rooftop cafes ahmedabad

Sphere Lounge, Ramada:

We all know about the amazing ambience at hotel Ramada. Sphere Lounge is the rooftop eatery located at the hotel terrace. The mini mocktail bar at Sphere Lounge is the perfect place for amazing drinks and refreshments.

rooftop cafes ahmedabad

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Blue rooftop cafe and bistro:

Situated at C.G road, one of the prime locations of the city. Blue rooftop cafe and bistro has amazing outdoor seating with live sports screening. The food here looks as delicious as it tastes. The ambience here is quite classy.

rooftop cafes ahmedabad

The kettlery:

This rooftop eatery at bodakdev is the perfect place for people who are looking to find a calm and quiet spot away from the hustle bustle of the city. The desserts here are absolutely drooling worthy.

rooftop cafes ahmedabad

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Grill, Crowne Plaza

Located at Satellite, Sky grill is the place for absolutely delicious grilled starters. The ambience and the view at Sky grill is also an added benefit of the place.

rooftop cafes ahmedabad

With this list of rooftop cafes Ahmedabad compiled up, go and head out to these amazing rooftop spots to make the most out of this season.


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