Seven Best International Quick Bites In Ahmedabad You Need To Eat If You Haven’t Already

International Quick Bites in ahmedabad

Do you often find yourself asking “where should I try something different?” Believe it or not, I do too and especially when I’m fed up eating the routine food or North Indian food in Ahmedabad. Here is the time to try out something delightful like international quick bites, western food that we should try to give our taste buds a new feel.

Varieties of options available now a days in Amdavad , from the multinational food joints to local street vendors, everyone have its own specialty and slight Indian, here is my hand picked items from the menu at the restaurant called “Amdavad”


Poutine International Quick Bites

A Canadian dish similar to french fries. It consists of sliced potatoes cut in length fried till crisp, served with cheese curds topped with brown gravy. A different taste all together apart from the normal masala or salted fries. But with the gravy served it is the most delicious and quick made bites. Mocha and Mazzo Global Cafe serves Poutine with as perfect as it is served originally.


Quesedilla International Quick Bites

Another Mexican dish. originally fried are prepared by filling the partially cooked tortilla cooked until the cheese melts. Other variations include the use of wheat flour tortilla. In the US, they are prepared differently by heating the tortilla, flipped and sprinkled with cheese till it melts then adding other ingredients like lettuce, onions, peppers, tomatoes and Guacamole and then it is folded and served. Black beans, Zucchini, spinach can also be added as a different variety. 650 – The Global Kitchen at Ambawadi, is just perfect to try Quesadillas.


Burrito International Quick Bites

A burrito is a Mexican dish that consists of large wheat tortilla with various veg and non-veg fillings. A tortilla is simply folded round the fillings inside. It can be slightly grilled or steamed to soften it. The filling is a mix of Rice, Beans, chickpeas and Sauces.Sauces like BBQ, Mayonnaise, salsa sauce. And toppings like corn, avocado, lettuce, tomato, peppers, onion. Also to make it more lip smacking we can grate cheese, lots of them to give the best taste. Twisted Mazzo and Pepperazzi are the best restaurants to have Burritos in Ahmedabad.


nachos International Quick Bites

 This Mexican snack is made with freshly baked tortilla chips which can become a snack to crave. They are topped with fresh English vegetables, cheese loaded, peppers and barbeque sauce for dip. Toritos, Mexican and Dessert @ Urban Chowk, Grill’d ‘n’ More, Yanki Sizzlers are most famous places to have Nachos. These days we also find Cinema halls serving nachos with different dips. You need to choose from mayonnaise, barbeque, mint mayonnaise, mustard etc.


Tacos International Quick Bites

A mexican goodies made with crisp-fried corn tortillas filled with some veggies, cheese,  salsa, sour cream, and guacamole and a squeeze of lime at the to of all, a sign of a perfect taco. varieties of tacos available in ahmedabad now a days and you can upgrade your tacos according to your choice of feelings. Fozzie’s pizzaiolo, Cafe Deli and Twisted Mazzo make good tacos to try.

Burger & fries

burger and fries International Quick Bites

Cooked patties inside a sliced bun, cheese and lots of different sauces & pickles make a perfect goodness . mcdonalds, burger king are the big names but you can also try amdavad’s local burger vendors. burger and french fries with cheese dip, a splendid combination. The Black Chimney famous for Kings Burger, The Burger Factory@ Urban Chowk famous for fully loaded burger filled with Aloo and cottage cheese patty and Cheesy castle are few places where you find tasty, delicious burgers best pan fired.

Frankie rolls

Frankie rolls International Quick Bites

My favorite food is frankie as its quick to make and fills my little hunger. Loaded with cheese, juicy and tangy, paneer frankie is the only one I always like to eat. Flatbread grilled and stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings and seasoned to suit your taste. Café Upper Crust, Café Alfresco, M.L.F. Franco serves the best Frankie in the city.

I always love to look for new western food as the normal traditional dishes does not suit me for long. These dishes are not so spicy but tasty. I suggest you to try the above dishes in the restaurants or you can also try making them home. They are simple to cook and satisfy your evening hunger.

International Quick Bites

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