AMC to ban Single-use Plastic cutlery and Disposables likely from May!!!

single use plastic ban in ahmedabad

AMC to ban Single use plastic cutleries and Disposables likely from May

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation team starts meeting with the people associated with food business like restaurant owners and eatery owners. AMC team suggesting them to stop using single use plastic cutlery, instead find a biodegradable, reusable substitute of plastic cutlery.

single use plastic waste

Amdavad Municipal Corporation(AMC) had before announced the Plastic Ban drives in the whole city. AMC ban the Plastic products below 50 – micron thickness in Ahmedabad. Corporation also sealed the illegal storage of plastics bags below 50-micron and sealed the manufacturers around the city.

This action affects many businesses from manufacturing units to small vendors. Due to these efforts its possible to stop usage, manufacturing and selling of water pouches and plastic cups. Plastic pouches and Plastic Teacups are the forms of harmful unbiodegradable plastic products that causes major plastic waste in the city.

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India already holds poor rank in the environment-friendly country in the world. As per resolution of the United Nations, The civic body will ban the single use plastic items in civic body’s jurisdiction from May 2019 onwards.

AMC officials meeting with business owners

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation officials starting to meet people associated with the food business and other eatery operators to stop using the single use plastic items like bags, spoons, forks and plates. AMC officials also ask the business operators to reduce the usage of plastic food parcels. Corporation officials say that “huge amount of plastics dumped daily from the food parcel and packaging in the Ahmedabad”. Also asked the business owners to find an alternative of Single use plastic as soon as possible.

Ahmedabad Municipal corporation recent tweet 

The single use plastics ban in the city delayed because of the General election 2019 announcement. The AMC officials say once the election gets over in the state, the civic body will impose the total ban. From May 1, 2019, the civic body implemented the procedure.

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In June 2018, the civic body had seized more than 12,000 kg of Plastic levied huge penalty soon after the ban on plastic items. But after a few weeks, some of the banned single use plastic items are still being used in the city.

Hard to find a substitute for Single use plastic

There will be some difficulty in finding a substitute for milk packaging and milk product pouches that have used by the dairy industries after the single use plastic ban.

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