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Sizzante Sizzlers Ahmedabad

“Our take on Sizzante Sizzlers Ahmedabad”

We are always in search for Good food, aren’t we? And Ahmedabad is a hub of great food in Gujarat. Whether it’s Chinese or Indian, veg or non-veg, we’ve got everything and it’s all so damn good food. Today we’ve take you for some sizzler hunting in Ahmedabad.

Actually, this time of the monsoon in the city is a bit confusing, raining at daytime and the little cold at night. Same as our choice of food also got confused. One great man said “when there are so many confusions in life to choosing the right food, eat Sizzler, you’ll get the most out of it” ROFL.

Today we’ve got you at the Sizzante sizzler & more at Sindhu Bhavan road. so, let’s get right to it.

But firstly what you can expect in a great Sizzler?

image of sizzante sizzlers ahmedabad

Sizzler is an Indian version of steak(meat) with salad served sizzling on the hot stone dish. A sizzler in India usually contains boiled vegetables, beans, pasta, patty, fries and a portion of toasted bread. Sizzler is being served on a hot metal plate or stone plate with a hint of oil or butter on it for the smoky flavour and bottom wooden base for holding that plate. Some ingredients vary according to different sizzlers like Italian sizzlers contain kidney beans gravy, in others, it does not. Choose Veg or non-veg sizzlers, all good.

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When you heard that sparks of your sizzler coming straight out of the kitchen and that aroma catching all the attention, definitely activates your taste buds & your mind gets numb. This place called itself continental, Italian, Chinese serving restaurant.

Here in Sizzante sizzlers first scene!

The place looks classy with nice vintage showpieces and bonsai plants, murky lights and tempting smells. Everything looks perfect, even food also!

Outdoor seating, open terrace action also available for those who need some privacy and open sky. The television screen is also available for both indoor and outdoor side.

This place might be on the list of your favourite hangout place for watching your favourite game live. Live music also there on weekends. So overall ambience is as good as Christmas.

The staff seems generous and adequate, serves you instantly when your plates get empty. Full stars for service.

Take a look at Sizzante’s book

Varieties of soups, starters and quick bites, salads, pizzas & toasts (They serve only brown bread), sandwiches are on the menu of course sizzlers was also, for both veg and non-veg variant. When your thirsty, you can quench your thirst by choosing mock/cocktails or milkshakes or just complimentary water for the drink.

Various non-veg options like chicken, mutton and seafood for carnivores in every part of the meal from starters to the main course.

Main attraction over here is it’s main course, all sizzlers. You find sizzlers from every cuisine like Italian, Chinese, Indian.

The menu is full from the varieties but seems little high-priced. If you have a heavy pocket then only this place will be the reason of your joy. But food over here is worth it according to good reviews from Zomato (4.0/5).

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We don’t take you deep into the soup and starter things because here Hero of the Story is sizzlers and that’s the main deal.

Best from the rest, Recommendations at Sizzante Sizzlers Ahmedabad

Highly recommended sizzler over here was Sizzante Special Veg and veg jungli sizzler for veg lovers. If your a fried paneer type of guy you would definitely love Sizzante special sizzler served with the combination of garlic paneer and cheese with veg balls and cutlets topped with classic veggie and cheese.

Thumbs up for the Chinese sizzler.

For healthy hustlers, veg jungli definitely be your choice served with boiled, assorted veggies with paneer chunks and gravy rise and noodles with cutlet.

Main course sizzante sizzlers ahmedabad

If you want some more action on your sizzling hot plate, one customizable option veg sizzler with choice of Sauces for you. Sauce options like garlic, black pepper, sweet & sour, tomato basil and cheese souse.

“Here all sizzler also available in healthy brown rice option at just 50 Rs hike on the actual price If you want”.

For the non-veg option, chicken sausage with egg and cheese sizzler and chicken hot platter with fries & mashed potato sizzler are must-try items over here.

Chicken sizzler at sizzante sizzlers ahmedabad

This place is also considered as one of the must visiting place for “Meat Craving”, if you like your meat with some international kinda sauces and seasoning.

Best in beverages

Here Caribbean fantasy, cranberry punch and guava marry are pure gold.

And at the End

You can definitely go with Chocolate fondue for the dessert here.

These place will surely fulfil your desire for a ideal casual dining. A little packed on weekends and has proper vehicle parking availability.

Sizzante Sizzlers & more – must visit place in Ahmedabad for “Sizzlers craving”.

Address: 301/B, Shilp Aaron, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Pakwan Cross Roads, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

Other locations: Shop 5, Dwarkesh Business Hub, Opposite Visamo Society, Visat Koba Road, Motera, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad

2nd: Fun Food Battalion, YMCA to Mumatpura Road, Bopal, Ahmedabad

Sizzante Sizzlers Ahmedabad

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