Spicy food crave in Monsoon! Settle up with this choices to satisfy your crave

spicy food ahmedabad monsoon

“Spicy food that our hearts crave for in the Monsoon of  Ahmedabad”

With the rains surprising us at their wish, the weather and wind around us have gone really breezy and cold. This is the perfect weather for a pleasant and enjoyable mood for Monsoon spicy food Ahmedabad. And it is very natural for us to crave for spicy tangy food in this season. We can find endless options in Ahmedabad to satisfy our cravings. We have a list of various dishes that the people of our city love to eat in this season:

1. Bhajiya with spicy chilli:

Bhajiya with spicy chilli

The joy of seeing hot bhajiya being fried in oil and straight out of the pan satisfies the heart. And we can always hear voices of people asking bhaiya to keep the bhajiya spicy. The tanginess may make us cry with joy but it is always a delight in the Monsoon season.

2. Veg Momos with spicy garlic chutney:

Veg Momos with spicy garlic chutney

Oh yes! Just the mention got me excited. Veg stuffed momos are an unending joy. And when mixed with the spicy chutney, the momos make the perfect companion for this Monsoon weather.

3. Spicy Mysore Dosa and Sambhar:

Spicy Mysore Dosa and Sambhar

Eating delicious dosa stuffed with spicy Mysore masala and dipped in sambar is the perfect meal that suits the vibe of this Monsoon season in Ahmedabad.

4. Spicy Lasan Bataka:

Lasun garlic chili potato

A crowd gathered around waiting to have lip-smacking Lasan Bataka is a sight that we can always witness if you go around SG Highway in this monsoon weather.

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5. Handvo and Dhokla:

handvo thokla with garlic chutney

If you are away from home, Eating hot Handvo and Dhokla in this amazing weather will remind you of the comfortable and cosy feel of being at home and enjoying the best time.

6. Daal Baati:

Dal Bati Churma

Hot Daal Baati that melts in your mouth at the first bite is surely something your taste buds will cherish in this season. Go ahead! Rush and try out the combinations of these amazing dishes with the pleasant monsoon and enjoy!

Monsoon spicy food Ahmedabad

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