Starbucks Ahmedabad: Redefining the Coffee Culture, finally in Ahmedabad

starbucks ahmedabad

Are you a tea person or a coffee guy???

Here in Ahmedabad as we all know the tea is a clear winner like goes down the hatch. But when it comes to Starbucks coffee, we Indians are more likely to captivate about the culture and the hype that Starbucks built all around the world apart from its coffees. Yup, we talk about “the Starbucks” here, sitting in Ahmedabad because these legendary global cafe chain finally launches in Ahmedabad Gujarat. The wait is over now, cheer up you all die-hard coffee lover and get ready to taste out some mighty fine coffee at Starbucks Ahmedabad.

starbucks in ahmedabad

When it comes to coffee, there can be mainly two types of person that we have, first is a coffee lover and the other is Starbucks lover, it’s a matter of fact. Here in Amdavad, we already have a great coffee culture. Many popular cafes like cafe coffee day, cappuccino, the chocolate room and other, you find it in every popular area in the city.

Starbucks Ahmedabad

A wonderful moment is created when the consumer is willing to grab a cup of coffee. This moment becomes more wonderful and enlarged when it is connected to Starbucks.

Starbucks Ahmedabad

Starbucks opened three cafes in Ahmedabad.

  • Starbucks, Prahlad Nagar

  • Starbucks, Alpha One Mall, Vastrapur

  • Starbucks, Near Mocha Cafe, Bodakdev

There is no doubt that Starbucks will be the most popular hangout place in Ahmedabad among the Millennials. Already become the talk of the town. Though there were no much details about the menu and pricing, we can definitely get some Indianise twist on their menu

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From their iconic vanilla latte, java chips to bubble frap tea and more, hope we see all these tempting things on the menu. 

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You better get ready for the flood of pics that your Instagram account might be full of because everyone likes to post and waiting to click pics at Starbucks. Another popular trend you may see on Instagram that people love to write names on Starbucks coffee cup, like imagine an American Brand having Desi Gujju name on it, Masi, Kaka, Bapuji, Bhailo,…

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We will schedule another post you about the menu, pricing and all once we headed to the Starbucks. Keep checking our blog channels.

So what’s are you waiting for, see you at Starbucks.

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