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summer refreshment food in ahmedabad

Summer refreshment food in Ahmedabad, to drool on…

The city is on the hot wok nowadays in summer. Summer is heating like hell, its unbeatable. The mercury level in Ahmedabad is 44°c to 48°c and don’t want to go down. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation announces red alert for few days and suggests Amdavadi’s stay inside the home/office during day time. So we Amdavadi “organically” decided to rule the night, aren’t we? We love to roam outside, sitting on the roadside with some fav cooling substances in our hand in summer nights. After all, “ચાલ, કૈંક ઠંડુ પીએ” is always a good idea to end a hectic summer day. Summer refreshment food in Ahmedabad.

summer refreshment food in ahmedabad

Amdavadis are fond of eating and during this hot season of the year, summer coolers are always there at the rescue. Yup, the things that we really missed much during the whole year, now it’s time to have them all!!!

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Coolers like ice gola, ice-creams and sugarcane juices are mostly on the top list. Roll-cut kulfi, lassi, shakes, smoothies, cold-drinks and fresh fruit juices are also the most favourite items of Amdavadis. Ice-creams and lassi are the instant coolest things in summers. These summer refreshments will give you the best foodgasm in this unbearable heat.

Defeat the Heat! Summer Coolers 

Now on the top list, Ice-golas are mostly preferred by people in Ahmedabad. The long queues at the gola shop in summer say it all. Few top flavours that you heard many times include falsa, mango, orange, chocolate, raspberry, rose flavour, butterscotch, Kala-khatta flavour, pineapple and many more at any ice gola places. You can’t miss out these cool places to have barf-ka-golas in Ahmedabad.

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Best Ice Gola in Ahmedabad 

Someshwar gola on bodakdev road, Swati at Law-Garden, I say Ice in bodakdev, Mewad in Law-Garden and Gulab Gola in Usmanpura. Which is one of the oldest and famous gola wala in the town. And they say that if you haven’t tried Gulab Gola then you are not a true Amdavadi.

High rated Ice cream in Ahmedabad

Now let’s talk about the favourite binge of all time, ice-creams. Which is an old method of celebrating anything! A few best ice-cream parlours are Huber and Holly, Creamistry, Havmor, Cryo Lab, Rangoli Ice-cream, Desai Ice-cream and Natural ice-cream in Ahmedabad.

Amazing Tawa Ice cream

Tawa ice cream Ahmedabad, being really popular, never fails to amaze us. It is fresh and fancy which makes us smile all the way from our heart. It is one of the latest trends in summers among the people.

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Highly recommended Roll-cut Kulfi

Kulfi and roll cut ice-creams being a delicious dessert which is success-full in tempting people. There are a lot of varieties in kulfi and it is an absolute treat for any age group. Most famous kulfi destination in Ahmedabad is Asharfilal kulfi, Bombay kulfi, Prem mewad, Janata Ice cream, Cassata ice cream.

Refreshing Fruit Shots & Shakes

Fresh fruit juices and sugarcane juices are like a cherry on a cake. It is like a refreshment to our soul and rejuvenates our body. There are varieties of smoothies, juices, shakes and cold-drinks which is offered by different restaurants and cafes in Ahmedabad. Famous places to have these coolers are Girish cold drinks, Gandhi Soda shop, Keventers Milkshake, Santusti shakes, The shake maker etc.

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Jamun Shots are the best non-alcoholic shots people loves the most. Jamun shots were one of the upcoming trends in year 2015. Now Jamun Shots are common these days❤️❤️ . . . P.C: Thank You @sush__7
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Lifesaver Sugarcane Juice in Summer

Also, there are roadside stalls which offer fresh watermelon and sugarcane juices during summer. These stalls can be seen every corner on roads at random places, really saves our life in this hot summer.

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. Sugarcane Juice . . It's rich in antioxidants so it helps fights infections and boost the immunity. It's rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and other electrolytes so it's great for dehydration. It helps cure the common cold and other infections and also fight fever as it boosts the body's protein levels. . . Place : Jay Shree Ram . . #beattheheat #sugarcanejuice #sugarcane #summer #mumbaistreetfood #punefoodies #punefood #punefoodblogger #punetimes #punecity #mumbaifoodies #mumbaifoodblogger #mumbaifoodlovers #delhifoodguide #delhifood #delhifoodblogger #delhidiaries #punediaries #indianstreetfood #streetfoods #streetfoodindia #streetfoodlover #beattheheat☀️ #healthyjuice #lonavalafoodtrails

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Some of our take-on summer refreshment food in Ahmedabad, best recommendations, what’s yours???


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