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Celebrate The Vibrance Of Life At The Tarnetar Fair

In a country like ours, were so many religions, customs and traditions are practiced with extreme joy, it is very evident to come across different kinds of celebrations. One would simply have a life full of fun, colour, enjoyment and memories with the celebrations in India. One such event is the Tarnetar Fair that is an endless experience filled with enjoyment. The fair gets its name from the village where it is organised. The mela(fair) is one of the best reflections and examples of the tribal culture of Tarnetar.

tarnetar fair saurastra gujarat

If we consider Gujarat, a number of tribal communities reside in the cities, towns and villages here. Each of the communities follows different practices with varied cultural associations. Melas have been a way to celebrate those associations and bring them to the world out there. Melas signify a celebration with different kinds of events lined up and multiple options available for the audience to enjoy.


The significance of Tarnetar Mela dates back to the period of antiquity. It is associated with the event of Draupadi’s swayamvar. The festivities and celebrations trace back to 200 years and the Mela is being held on the grounds of the temple of Triniteshwar Mahadev. The association of a Swamyar continues and reflects in the most prominent visitors at the Mela.

tarnetar fair gujarat

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Young boys and girls who are prospective grooms and brides come beautifully dressed at the Tarnetar Fair to look for a significant suitable partner. The men here carry embroidered and decorated umbrellas which hold great significance in their culture. The girls select their suitable grooms on the basis of the umbrellas.

tarnetar mela handicraft

This fair is an absolute delight for all those explorers who are keenly interested in the world of rich culture. Visiting Tarnetar Fair will let you experience a glimpse of the Gujarati culture. And, if you are someone who is keenly interested in art.

This mela is the place for you to experience all sorts of colourful costumes, glittering ornaments, different dance forms and innumerable stalls to purchase the best handicraft materials. The vibrancy of this festival will be a delight to the photography lover’s lenses.

If you are planning to visit this beautiful Tarnetar fair, we have got you covered up with all the details.

Tarnetar is at a distance of 196 km to Ahmedabad. You can head there by taking a bus to Surendranagar or a train to Thangadh.

The mela is usually held for a duration of three days. For this year, it is dated from 1/9/2019 to 4/9/2019. More than 1 lakh people attend the fair every year. As Tarnetar is believed to be the origin of river Ganga, people often come here to take a dip in the holy waters.

trineteshwar mahadev tample tarnetar mela

The different types of dance forms exhibited here can leave a person in complete awe. The highlight among those is a dance performance called ‘Rasada’ which is performed by a group of 100 women in a single circle. Another form known as the ‘Rahado’ is equally exquisite. The mela is inaugurated by hoisting a huge flag on the dome of the temple.

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rahado ras tarnetar mela

Along with all these exhibits of stalls and dance performances, entertainment is arranged for the audience with different offerings such as tattoo stalls, magic shows and photography booths. The children can also enjoy their time at the mela with rides available.

Horse show tarnetar gujarat

There is more to it! The adventure at Tarnetar Mela continues with different competitions. The fun gets a kickstart with activities like bullock cart race, horse cart race, camel race, Raas competition, Poem recitation or the Doha competition. Along with these, other activities one can indulge in include:  kabaddi, wrestling, potted race, long jump, throw spheres, archery, relay, coconut throwing, etc.

Visit the Tarnetar fair and have an experience of a lifetime here.


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