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Ahmedabad is a city where India’s glorious history, architectural marvels and delectable food meet. Great tourist top attraction destination ahmedabad, as there are number of interesting places to see in and around the city. Some of the features that perfectly describe the Ahmedabad city are splendid monuments, wonderful museums and gorgeous lakes. There is an abundance of sightseeing places in Ahmedabad that are truly worth a visit.

Here are few of the best tourist attractions in the town of Ahmedabad.

Sabarmati Ashram

top attraction destination ahmedabad

Gandhi Ashram is the identity of the city of Ahmedabad. It is one of the most visited tourist places and top attraction destination in Ahmedabad by history lovers. It’s was an important place for the freedom movement of India, led by Mahatma Gandhi. Many important activities have taken place in this place.

A special museum is also created to provide the glimpse of ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ and his lifestyle. A good number of items are available in the museum which are related to Gandhiji i.e. ‘Father of Nation’. You must visit this place to feel the beauty.

Adalaj Step Well – Ahmedabad

top attraction destination ahmedabad

Adalaj Step Well was built by a Muslim king for the Vaghela queen Rani Roopba in 1499. The structure is an intricately carved water reservoir and is 5 stories in depth.

The structure was built in the Hindu Solanki architectural style and is octagonal from top. The well is one of the best examples of the Persian-Muslim influenced architecture mixed with the Hindu architecture with its carvings, sculptures and the inscriptions that depict the story of its origin.

The well is beautifully decorated with floral and geometric motifs, structures and figures. It also has beautiful galleries and platforms. Intricately carved pillars support the pavilions of the step well. Adalaj Step well is a good place to visit in Ahmedabad City.

Iscon Temple

top attraction destination ahmedabad

Sprawling over an area of 4 acres, ISKCON Temple in Ahmedabad is known for showcasing the true love between Lord Krishna and Radha. The temple features a beautiful blend of Gujarati Sompura and Rajasthani Khamira architectural style.

ISKCON temple has beautifully decorated ceilings, pillars, library, hostel, meditation room and restaurant for the ease of the visitors. Devotees dance to Lord Krishna Bhajans every day in the temple. They also sing praises of Lord Krishna.

 Sabarmati River Front

top attraction destination ahmedabad

Sabarmati Riverfront is one of the most popular sightseeing options in Ahmedabad. This beautiful picnic spot is perfect place for fun in Ahmedabad. The place is a popular top attraction destination of the city where people visit for some great time.

By the Sabarmati River, visitors can indulge in different entertainment activities like walk along the waterfront, go for boating or just sit by and enjoy the beautiful view. The place offers a unique experience set in a beautiful and serene ambiance.

Jama masjid

top attraction destination ahmedabad

Also known as Jumma Mosque, Jama Masjid is one of the most beautiful mosques in Ahmedabad. The mosque was constructed in the year 1424 during the reign of Ahmed Shah I.

Built of yellow sandstone, the mosque lies in the old walled city of Ahmedabad. The key highlight of the mosque is the interplay of light and shadows that keeps playing between the archways. Jama Masjid is famous Islamic site in Ahmedabad.

Auto world vintage car museum

top attraction destination ahmedabad

For all those car enthusiasts, auto world vintage car museum is the place to be. The museum not gives an opportunity to have a look at around 115 vintage cars but also makes you fulfill your dream of driving a vintage car. Located at a distance of around 30 km from Ahmedabad, auto world vintage car museum makes one enjoy a ride in vintage cars.

The charges for a drive in these cars varies and they begin from a minimum charge of INR 600. Guides are present who inform more about the history associated with these cars. The museum deserves a must visit from all the car lovers.

Amdavad is a beautiful city to travel. Aavjo Amdavad! But read top attraction destination ahmedabad before you plan your trip!

top attraction destination ahmedabad

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