Top Epic Drinks To Try In Ahmedabad

Interesting Drinks To Try In Ahmedabad top epic drinks try ahmedabad

How many would love to try new drinks than the old milkshakes and juices? mention in comment below because i think i’m alone!!! Then here is Top epic drinks try ahmedabad…. !!!!!

As we all know Gujarat is a dry state and so we do not get alcohol while we party or hangout with friends. so we have limited options either regular juices or eat ice cream at the end. Honestly, I’m absolutely bored with these and want to try out new fresh drinks made with fresh fruits and different combinations which makes best mocktails, slush and smoothies. lots of varieties of drinks you find in the city nowadays, it’s  perfect for your thirst or capture a classic selfie with those colorful glasses. so check out my latest list of different drinks to try these weekend in Ahmedabad.

Blue Passion or Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon top epic drinks try ahmedabad

A mix of citrus-mints with blue curacao(a blue syrup made to add for all the blue colored mocktails or slush) topped with soda sparkle. Best available at Wok on Fire restaurant.


Mojito top epic drinks try ahmedabad

My all time favorite drink. Lemon – Mint mojito or Green Apple mojito anything of these are my thirst quenchers. It is a combination of Lime, mint, sugar and sprite. Special made at Wok on fire and Unlocked and a special Passion fruit Mojito is available at Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo. Café. Deli.

Miami Melons

miami melons top epic drinks try ahmedabad

A delicious concoction of watermelon chunks blended with pure guava juice. Watermelons are always best in summers.  A quintessential summer cooler available at Mocha can relax your thirst after the hot sunny day.

Melon Cucumber Fresca

Melon Cucumber fresca top epic drinks try ahmedabad

Refreshing drink made with melon and cucumber with a twist of mint and ginger. Someone who likes the taste of ginger will definitely love this.

Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy top epic drinks try ahmedabad

Freshly brewed tea with the addition of spices, perfect to keep you warm in cold winters.  This tea is only one I prefer almost twice a week during winters. I go to @Nine – The Fern just to relax and have this tea under the sky.

Black Widow

Black Widow top epic drinks try ahmedabad

A drink made with Red bull as base with the combination of Cola and Apple. There are many other red bull based drinks available. Little on the fizzy side even without adding soda.

Cranberry spritzer

Cranberry Spritzer top epic drinks try ahmedabad

made with cranberry juice , honey and slice of orange make a splendid combination. you can try this at wok on fire, they make it real good.


shots top epic drinks try ahmedabad

different types of shots like jamun shots, strawberry shots, muskmelon shots etc trending in the city now a days. shots contains fresh fruit juice with pulp and served in tiny (shots) glass. sprinkle some salt or chat masala on top of that, and ready for drink. same as tequila shots, you have to do empty the glass in single sip, that’s a tradition.

The above are just a few to pen down but, you can also experiments with different fruits, syrups and soda to make a best drink for yourself according to your test at home. These combinations would do wonders and they are always healthy to drink rather than the plain sodas or tea and coffee. Many beverages provide great resources of antioxidants, nutrition and vitamins. Squashes or slush are another non-alcoholic drinks which are concentrated pulp of fruits and are available in the market.

Top epic drinks try ahmedabad

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