Top Romantic Beach Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

Beach Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

Wedding is over.. What could be possibly a more significant way to get over long days of wedding stress than to relish some time with the love of your life? Before it is time to start visiting relatives on informal dinners and lunch, most couples look forward to their honeymoon. Few days away from everyone to spend time unwinding, relaxing and spending quality time together in an exotic destination.Here is honeymoon destinations outside India.

There is nothing like a perfect honeymoon, it is always perfect when a couple is together. So are you dreaming of a romantic escape? Surely, with many destinations around it is difficult to freeze on just one. Don’t worry I will be sharing few of the best international beach honeymoon destinations outside india  to your savior.


Greece Santorini honeymoon destinations outside India

This gorgeous white and blue honeymoon destination is perfect choice for honeymoon and my most favorite destination. Giving a beautiful start to your romantic journey by walking in the city of Athens, spending hours gazing on the timeless beauty of the sunset dinner sipping on some Greek wine and savouring a fantastic spread of some delectable Greek food. Next comes the perfect island of Santorini which has lured the love struck couples. Spend few days here and soak your souls in the air filled with the fragrance of ocean mist and earth relishing a romantic candle light dinner at one of the seaside restaurants.

The best time to visit the scintillating destination is Mid- April to June and September to October.


Seychelles Beach honeymoon destinations outside India

it is a magical place. This place offers you beautiful beaches and pleasant climate. It is not very crowded, so you can spend some time creating magical moments together. Stroll through the virgin rain forests with your love, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in water sport activities to add some fun and excitement in your honeymoon. You can stay at some luxurious resort villas with very cost effective. There is no specific month in the year to visit this place.


Maldives honeymoon destinations outside India

99% of Maldives is made up of sea. Nearly 90 islands are tourists resorts. Home to perhaps best beaches in the world, Maldives have deep blue seas, white sandy beaches, turquoise reefs, palm trees. It can also be a perfect wedding destination. Known for its romantic ambiance and delicious Maldives cuisine. Adventure sports like scuba diving and snorkeling is available and romantic walks on the beach with your spouse under serene full moon nights are something you could dream for.

A week is good to stay at Maldives during May, June and July as the best time of the year.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali Indonesia honeymoon destinations outside India

Luxuriant rain forest, ancient temples, soft sandy beaches and exotic wildlife can there be any other better place in the world of romantic vacation?  No place in Indonesia can give you more serenity and solitude than the beautiful island of Bali. Apart from these the couples who like adventures, can go for a couple-kayaking, sunrise trek, underwater dive. The city is also perfect to savoir some of the famous gastronomic delicacies of Indonesia.

You can spend 7-10 days to enjoy the trip in Bali. Best time to visit in May to July.


thailand honeymoon destinations outside India

Words can fall short to describe the magical charm if the honeymoon vacation in exotic islands of Thailand such as Koh Samui, Krabi, Phuket etc. where couples indulge in several exquisite experiences ranging from beach side walks to lovely candle light dinners along the coastline. Not only this, there are adventure sports to opt like water sports, banana boat riding and kite surfing. Koh Samui is the place for beer lovers to taste variety of beers.

A week’s time is good to spend here with keeping June as the preferable month.

Honeymoon destinations outside India

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