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“A lot can happen over a coffee” – Truly said as Coffee has always been a significant part of life. For me, its chance to start my day and gather my thoughts- it’s fuel for my creative process. Being more attentive and vigilant was all I need. It helps release your emotional and physical stress. several types of coffee available in the city nowadays. After an aeon of coffee drinking below are the ones I prefer to drink which helps me energise.

Various types of coffee


An espresso is typically brewed by forcing steam under high pressure through roasted coffee beans. A perfect cup of espresso will have a thicker consistency and have a top layer of foam. It also serves as a base for many other coffee drinks.


Almost all coffee shops serve this hot Cappuccino. It is made with equal parts of espresso and steamed milk, with a little bit of milk froth on the top. As a garnish, they serve you this coffee with sprinkles of cocoa powder or chocolate shavings.


It is similar to Latte in its consistency but differs in addition of chocolate to the concoction. It is prepared with one shot of Espresso, 2 shots of milk and one part of chocolate. which is generally in the form of cocoa powder. This coffee has a chocolaty flavour and can be garnished with chocolate sauce.


It is made much similar to Cappuccino but instead of equal parts of milk and espresso. A latte consists of one part of espresso and three parts of steamed milk. The best drink to dip in your cookies if you like as it is more of milk-based drink.


Darker than all originated from the Americans who found the tradition Italian espresso which is indeed too strong coffee. They added a cup of hot water to the shot of strong espresso. You can add sugar to it or relish it the way it is.


There is no specific time to have your cup, but most preferably is morning hours just to keep yourself alert all day. The best places where we get all the above coffee in Ahmedabad are listed below

Shambhus Coffee bar 

Well known in Ahmedabad for only coffee. Almost every area has one outlet.

Café Scrabble 

At Bodakdev, the good place to sit and have coffee with few games available to play.

Zen Café 

Located at the University area, feasible for college going students to enjoy a cup every day. The outdoor seating is such that students can enjoy and relax after college or even discuss their projects.

Levels Café Ahmedabad

Behind Rajpath club, these cafe avails you rooftop seating area and this place is open till late night.

The Café Rooftop 

The best place for a date night with your loved one. Decorated ambience with flavours of coffee and bites. Top floor of Kensville Golf, open until late so even if you think to surprise your partner late night this is the place to look at.

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